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Self-Portrait with Zander


I was saddened to read about Norm’s loss this morning, so I stole Jim Groom’s idea and immortalized Zander in a DS106 assignment (#4afterlife?). I googled “famous painting” to find some search engine serendipity and found this webmuseum at ibilio. I clicked around a bit, and this Rembrandt self-portrait seemed just about right. I opened Norm’s picture of Zander in GIMP and erased everything but Zander, selected the white area and then selected inverse to copy just that cat, which I pasted onto a new layer in the Rembrandt portrait. I played with scaling the image until it fit, and then adjusted the color to more closely approximate Rembrandt’s painting–I reduced the blue and bumped up the red and magenta. Then I used GIMPressionist to give the layer a painted look–it took a lot of playing around with the settings to get something I could live with. Finally, I erased all of the cat layer that I didn’t want showing, using a fuzzy eraser to blend the edges a little bit.

RIP, Zander.

Fear is the mind killer

I started mulling this assignment over on the way home last night when I heard President Obama on the radio citing “Jesus’s teaching that ‘for unto whom much is given, much shall be required.'” A troll-quote immediately sprung to mind, but mome did such a good job with the Superman/Spiderman/Iron Man mashup that I struggled for a good image. I considered using Obi-Wan Kenobi and citing Luke Skywalker (since the original verse in is in the Book of Luke), but using two characters from the same source didn’t sing to me.

In mulling things over, a line from Dune came to me, and reminded me of something Arya Stark says throughout the Song of Ice & Fire. I found an image of Arya that I liked, but I couldn’t think of a third character for attribution. I thought about Dune, and from thence to the House of Atreus–and there I got it–Electra. Citing a character from Greek mythology didn’t quite work, but using a comic-book image of Elektra with the quotation attributed to Arya Stark (which has a nice comic-book/superhero ring to it) suddenly clicked. I found an image I liked,  and here we are.


  • Cover of Elektra vol. 2 #3 by Greg Horn
  • “Fear is the mind killer”: Dune, by Frank Herbert
  • Arya Stark: Song of Ice & Fire, by George R.R. Martin