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Quick and dirty tablet stand

I was using the Nook last night to display a recipe and needed some way to hold it up. “Sure wish I had a stand for this” says I. “Yeah, that would be good,” says Claire, who continues prepping dinner. I go out to the recycling bin and bring a piece of corrugated cardboard in to the kitchen table and start cutting. “What are you making, Dad?” Without turning to look or missing a beat, Claire says, “He’s making a stand for the Nook.” She knows me so well.

To make the stand, I folded a piece of cardboard in half and eyeballed the general shape of the legs, the notch to hold the tablet, and the height of the back. I then put the tablet on the stand and cut down the back until it rested at a comfortable and secure height.

In case your wondering, the recipe in question was tomato salad with anchovy-lime dressing.


Achievement unlocked: warranty voided.