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Homemade energy gel, rev 1.0


  • 100 mL brown rice syrup
  • 50 mL raw honey
  • 50 mL molasses
  • 50 mL strong coffee
  • 1.25 mL sea salt
  • 5 mL vanilla extract

Update: How is it?

First, as to taste, I think it’s pretty good. However, it has a pretty strong molasses flavor. I like molasses. If you don’t like molasses, you’ll probably hate it. It might also be good with a bit of ginger & cinnamon (i.e., gingerbread).

Second, as to how it works, it seemed to help. I’ve never used Gu or other energy gel before, so I have no baseline comparison (and the placebo effect may have been in full force). However, I set out to do 12 miles and felt good enough to do 15.4 (my longest run to date). I will definitely be mixing up a batch for the Tashka 25k.

Peach melomel

Peach melomel by ted_major
Peach melomel, a photo by ted_major on Flickr.

Wow . . . without a doubt the best mead I’ve ever made. Sure wish I’d made more than a gallon–it’s gonna go fast, and it’s a long time until I’ll be able to make any more.

To make one gallon:

Heat water & honey to a simmer, let cool and add to fermenter with peaches. Pitch yeast and ferment to completion.

Bottle, chill & enjoy.