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Life without Google, youtube edition update

As I mentioned yesterday, I’m trying to host my own streaming video. while it still isn’t perfect, I was making it harder than it has to be. WordPress does handle videos using the HTML5 <video> tag. So with the WordPress Android app, I either shoot a video, open WordPress and insert the video into a post, or I just open the WordPress app and press ‘Quick Video.’

For that to work, I did have to create a php.ini file (Bluehost is kind enough to provide instructions and a button in cPanel) to increase memory size and upload limits with the following settings:

  • memory_limit = 128M
  • upload_max_filesize = 64M
  • post_max_size = 64M

For most users, that's a deal breaker, but if the administrator of a WordPress multi-site installation handles, it won't be a problem for individual bloggers.

With those settings in place, I can shoot a short video on my phone and upload to WordPress as easily as to youtube, and the video's on my own server. With the Advanced Category Excluder plugin, I can keep short videos off the front page and out of the RSS feed (H/T D'Arcy Norman), and with the WP to Twitter plugin, WordPress automatically tweets my daily update.

And it works, except for a few (minor?) problems. First, the the video window is too wide for my theme, and it looks ugly (fixable, I know). Second, the 720p video my phone shoots is too big to stream smoothly on all but the fastest of connections. The third and biggest problem, though, is that my phone records using h264, which Firefox doesn't support. Daily Updates play fine in Chrome (which does support h264), but that's a Pyrrhic victory if I'm trying to avoid Google.

h264 fails in Firefox