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Leaving Google: calendar edition

cc licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by Joe Lanman
One of the challenges I faced in cancelling my Google account was the calendar. The default Android calendar syncs only through a Google account. In the spirit of Project Reclaim, I tried to host a calendar server on my hosting account, but as of yet, I haven’t been able to figure out a way to sync it with a calendar on my phone, other than by interacting with it directly via a mobile web browser, which was awkward at best. What I’ve settled on instead is a combination of dotcal.com and aCal, which is available from the f-Droid repository as well as the Android Market. Dotcal seems to do everything that I used Google calendar for, and aCal syncs with it perfectly. Dotcal does warn that “online calendars may take up to 8 hours to update,” but I haven’t seen any noticeable delay in updating.

Now an RSS reader is the only real hole I have left to plug after closing down my Google account. I’ve been using Newsblur, which I like well enough, but unfortunately, the corresponding Android app, Blar, seems to be available only through the Android Market, which I can’t use because I closed my Google account, which is why I’m using Newsblur now, which is why I want Blar . . . #catch22