Because I am an idiot

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We’re just back from a quick overnight road trip to Athens, Ga, because I am an idiot.

Let me back up: in August we went to Asheville, NC, for a couple of days for Claire to give a talk at a conference. While she was giving her talk, Christopher asked me (AGAIN) if we could get a dog. I thought I was explaining to him why we couldn’t get another pet because I clean up all the shit I can deal with thanks to our cats. What came out was, “If you clean the litter box for a year, then we can get a dog.” I thought it was a safe bet (and so did Claire), because Christopher has always been really squeamish about any kinds of pet bodily fluids.

Boy, were we wrong. His reply was “OK!” and he’s been (mostly) cleaning the box since.

We decided he didn’t need to go the full year, since it would be better to get a new dog at the beginning of the summer rather than right as he goes back to school in the fall, and the next thing I know, we’re on the road to Georgia on the first day of Christmas break. Between mall traffic on the way out of town, road work in 459 south of Birmingham, more mall traffic and a lunch stop in Hoover, not one but two wrecks in Atlanta, and another for good measure on GA 316, our drive that should have been about 4½ hours took a little over 7.

The drive back was a little better, and well, here we are.

flickr photo shared by ted_major under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license

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  1. He looks so cute… but….. gotta work on your betting / gambling skills