Self-Portrait with Zander


I was saddened to read about Norm’s loss this morning, so I stole Jim Groom’s idea and immortalized Zander in a DS106 assignment (#4afterlife?). I googled “famous painting” to find some search engine serendipity and found this webmuseum at ibilio. I clicked around a bit, and this Rembrandt self-portrait seemed just about right. I opened Norm’s picture of Zander in GIMP and erased everything but Zander, selected the white area and then selected inverse to copy just that cat, which I pasted onto a new layer in the Rembrandt portrait. I played with scaling the image until it fit, and then adjusted the color to more closely approximate Rembrandt’s painting–I reduced the blue and bumped up the red and magenta. Then I used GIMPressionist to give the layer a painted look–it took a lot of playing around with the settings to get something I could live with. Finally, I erased all of the cat layer that I didn’t want showing, using a fuzzy eraser to blend the edges a little bit.

RIP, Zander.

One response to “Self-Portrait with Zander

  1. Thanks Ted. Very Cool.