Goodbye, Google

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  1. Wow, that seems pretty momentous and worthy of some additional context – I assume you are ditching all of these google services _for_ some alternative and not simply abandoning the entire internet. Please do tell – there is definitely a movement afoot by many tech savvy folks to get out of hosted services and do it themselves, and am interested to hear more about your plans.

    • As you might have guessed, it’s a response to Google’s new (un)privacy policy. I’ve written a few posts about my progress in leaving Google. Mail was relatively easy–I already have a hosting account, so I already had access to email at my own domain. Video is a little harder, and mostly I’ll be using I’ll be posting soon about my calendar alternative (SPOILER: dotcal). I’ve borrowed a lot from D’Arcy Norman and Boone Gorges, supplementing what I haven’t figured out how to self-host with other service providers.
      I’ve had a lot of angst over the past month or so at ditching Google–but once I pulled the trigger, I felt liberated at not being dependent on one single provider for so much of my online identity. Diversification, FTW!

  2. I can feel the freedom from here.