Ted Major

Florida man

Boo, Tuscaloosa, 2022

Black and white photograph of a golden retriever looking into the camera

White Camellia, Mobile, 2022

Black and white photograph of a white camellia blossom surrounded by glossy black leaves

Christmas Cat, Tuscaloosa, 2020

A gray tabby cat with green eyes staring into the camera

Bells, Arcosanti, 2017

Black and white photograph of unfinished bell castings at Arcosanti

Riverboat, New Orleans, 2016

Mississippi riverboat in New Orleans in the early morning fog

Gaming, Tuscaloosa, 2015

close up of a boy's eyes as he plas a video game while holding game controller in the foreground

Moog, Chicago, 2015

Two people on a Chicago sidewalk under graffiti of someone in a black suit wearing sunglasses and holding a Moog keyboard

Outside HeroesCon, Charlotte, 2013

Cosplayers dressed as Superman, the Flash, and Batman walking down a sunny city street. Superman and Supergirl are holding hands

Baby Snake, Tuscaloosa, 2013

A baby green snake draped over a branch looking into the camera

Alien, Tuscaloosa, 2012

Shadow of an alien sculpture on the trunk of an oak tree with ferns in the foreground

White Azalea, Tuscaloosa, 2022

close-up photograph of a red berries and green leaves on a holly bush

Holly, Tuscaloosa, 2022

close-up photograph of a red berries and green leaves on a holly bush

Beach Houses, Florida, 2012

Looking across a lagoon at beach houses with a rainbow over the Gulf of Mexico in the background

Robote, Florida, 2012

A blue rowboat on a sand dune overlooking the Gulf of Mexico with clouds overhead and colorful beach houses in the background

Violets, Tuscaloosa, 2010

Purple violets with green foliage in dappled sunlight

Reflection, Tuscaloosa, 2010

A person on a rowing shell in the early morning gliding along a mirror-smooth river reflected along with the trees on the opposite bank

Freight Train, Tusacloosa, 2010

Motion-blurred freight cars rushing past to the left side of a brick train platform

carnaby Street, London, 2003

Christmas lights at night over an empty Carnaby Street in Londonwith a delivery truck in the background

Asakusa, Tokyo, 1999

Crowded street market in Tokyo with a year 2000 banner overhead

Gargoyles, Paris, 1996

Gargoyles at Notre Dame overlooking Paris and the Seine

Il Duomo, Florence, 1996

Looking down on the Duomo from the Campanile with florence in the background

Inspiration, Atlanta, 1993

Jerry Garcia soloing onstage with the Grateful Dead. vince Welnick is in the background, and Jerry is illuminated from above by a spotlight