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OpenShot won’t export audio? We can fix that.

creative commons licensed ( BY ) flickr photo shared by geek_love13
Disclaimer: once again, command-line geekery follows. Disregard at your convenience.
I love OpenShot video editor for Linux (despite the occasional bugginess inherent in all things Linux) and desperately look forward to the release of the Windows port for my office PC.

In the meantime, I occasionally use OpenShot on my personal laptop to edit videos for class. This week, when I tried to export a video, a new one popped up: exporting video removes audio. After a little searching, I found that the problem is a bug in Ubuntu rather than OpenShot, and thanks to this post on Ubuntuforums, there’s an easy command-line fix. Open a terminal window (ctrl-alt-t) and enter the following commands:

  • sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sunab/kdenlive-release
  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get install libmlt6
  • sudo apt-get install libmlt++3

Re-start OpenShot, and Bob’s yer uncle.

Timelapse: drawing

Playing with gTimelapse and OpenShot to create a time lapse video with my dad’s camera (mine won’t play nice with the software):

Production was easy as can be. Plug the camera into the computer, unmount and start gTimelapse. Set the photo interval and how long for it to run (2 seconds and 5 minutes in this case) and point it to the directory you want the photos to end up in. You’ll wind up with a series of sequentially numbered photos. Import the first one into OpenShot and click yes when it asks if you want to import as an image sequence. Tell it how many frames per image (5 in this case) and let ‘er rip. I added a soundtrack from the Free Music Archive tracks to sync collection, and Bob’s your uncle.

Edit: replaced Flickr video w/ Vimeo embed because the Flickr upload wouldn’t play sound.