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Icebear can’t handle caffeine

It’s been awhile since I had a coffee post, and the We Bare BearsCoffee Cave” episode had a scene too good to resist gififying:

Icebear coffee gif

“Icebear shouldn’t.”

Basil timelapse

Another timelapse, this time of a basil cutting over the past 7 days:

I took this one with an old Casio QV-R51 point and shoot camera I no longer use, since I’d need to leave it in place for the duration of the shoot. I had a hard time getting it to save settings, so it flickers a bit as the white balance changes from shot to shot. I built a bracket on my growlight to hold the camera (a 1/4-20 threaded bolt has the same threads as a tripod mount; the nuts held everything in place and acted as spacers to fit the bolt length I had on hand) :

Yet another time lapse

This time, last night’s sunset. Not the most spectacular sunset ever, so I made it into an overly large animated GIF.

Angry animated GIF

Is it cheating if my kid helps me with my DS106 homework? He wanted to make a stop motion video with come of his paper cutouts, so we made a test reel this morning, and I thought I’d use the opportunity to sneak in a DS106 assignment as well. The workflow for creating an animated GIF from a series of images is a little different than the tutorials I’ve seen for making a GIF from a movie clip, so I’ll post a tutorial later when I get the chance.