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TIL that gin & tonic glows under blacklight.


Peach melomel

Peach melomel by ted_major
Peach melomel, a photo by ted_major on Flickr.

Wow . . . without a doubt the best mead I’ve ever made. Sure wish I’d made more than a gallon–it’s gonna go fast, and it’s a long time until I’ll be able to make any more.

To make one gallon:

Heat water & honey to a simmer, let cool and add to fermenter with peaches. Pitch yeast and ferment to completion.

Bottle, chill & enjoy.

Most surprising thing about last week’s trip to DC

I had the best gin & tonic I’ve ever tasted at a Spanish restaurant, Jaleo. It was served in a wine glass, with a single 2-inch sphere of ice, made with Hendrick’s Gin, Fever Tree tonic water, and garnished with juniper berries, lemon zest, bay leaf, lime and cucumber. Yum.

Now that it is summer (and hot!) expect more gin-related posts.