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Bike chain fidgets

Bike chain fidgets flickr photo by ted_major shared under a Creative Commons ( BY-SA ) license
I was looking up some fidgets for my kid last night, and in addition to this bike chain bracelet, I came across a fidget that was just 3 links of a bike chain.
I had a few scraps of chain downstairs, so it was a simple matter of a couple of minutes with a chain tool to come up with these. The hardest part was cleaning them enough to not leave greasy marks on everything they touch. A couple of good rinses with some degreaser and a wash with dish detergent eventually got the first one clean, but using some citrus hand cleaner with pumice between the degreaser and the detergent worked even better.
The 3-link fidget works well around one finger, and the 5-link works better around 2 or 3 fingers, depending on how slim your fingers are. All in all, I think the 3-link is a little better, but as always, YMMV.