Obligatory cheesy clouds timelapse video

I’m still playing with timelapse videos. In this case, I intended to take a longer timelapse, but the camera shut down when the battery died, so I needed to stretch the video. (With ~1000 photos, at 1 frame/photo, it runs 40 seconds.) The obvious (and easy) way is to just use more frames per image, but the resulting video is a little jerky (see below).

I remembered reading awhile back about software to smoothly slow down videos, but it required an nVidia video, which my laptop lacks. Just for kicks, I checked it out again, and now SlowmoVideo works with other chipsets as well. I downloaded and  installed it, and it works just like it says on the tin: it renders additional intermediate frames to smoothly slow down a video, and also renders video directly from a sequence of still images. The downside is that it takes a long time to work: OpenShot renders a ~1:20 timelapse in just a minute or two on my machine, but SlowmoVideo took about four and a half hours.

Production was similar to my previous videos: gTimelapse to capture images, SlowmoVideo to render the video, and OpenShot to add a soundtrack and titles

For comparison, here’s the same sequence of images put together with 2 frames per image to stretch to 1:18 in OpenShot rather than using Slowmo:

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