One more thing (about RSS)

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One more thing I like about WordPress blogs is that even if you can’t find a feed button, the default feed is [domain]/feed. So for example, if I’m reading Law and the Multiverse and can’t find the RSS feed, I know I can point my feed reader to http://lawandthemultiverse/feed and follow any updates.

(Edited because I realized that although Pedagogy First! uses WordPress, it doesn’t use the default feed. Test links, then post. Doh!)

0 responses to “One more thing (about RSS)

  1. Sorry about that! BUT one of the cool things about Google Reader is that you don’t have to know the feed. You can just enter the blog’s URL and it finds the feed for you, most of the time.

  2. Lisa,Good to know! I signed up for Google Reader, so that may come in handy.Erica